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How different is mine from yours❓

4 years ago

Is it though?

The Cyrillic alphabet shares several letters with the Latin alphabet that the English language uses.

Some of them look same as in English, sound like in English (А, К, М, О, Т), others you'd also recognise except they sound different in English (В = V, C = S, X = H, etc.).

Are you up for a game? 😉 Let's see if you can match these Russian words with their picture!

1. Кот
2. Тост
3. Томат
4. Какао
5. Космос
6. Маска

(see the answers below)

Let me know how you did in the comments!

1. Томат
2. Какао
3. Кот
4. Космос
5. Тост
6. Маска