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How do different people take music?

6 years ago
Stupid task, I don't know which one to choose. Could you please help me?
Read the text. Choose one of the variants А, В, C or D.
A As something unusual. В As something not necessary. C As something that interferes with their life. D As something that only some people can afford.

In spite of its widespread diffusion, music remains an enigma. Music for those who live with it is so important that to be deprived of it would be cruel and unusual punishment. Moreover the perception of music as a central part of life is not only for professionals or gifted amateurs. It is true that those who studied the techniques of musical composition can more thoroughly appreciate the beauty of a musical work than those who have not. But even listeners who cannot read musical notation and who have never learnt an instrument may be deeply involved so that a day without music is wasted. In the context of contemporary culture, this is puzzling. Many people think that music is a luxury rather than a necessity, and that words or pictures are the only means of influence. Those who do not appreciate music think that it has no significance except giving pleasure. This is, no doubt, why our society seldom provides a significant place in education. Today, when education is becoming very practical, music is likely to be treated as an extra in the school curriculum and which only well-to-do parents can afford.