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How have our education needs changed over the years?

10 months ago
This is one of my favourite videos about the way we have changed over the years and how, in general, our education systems have yet to catch up. I love the way it has been illustrated in order to make it easier to understand and how then, at the end, you have a big picture to look at and you can clearly see how it is all interrelated.

Education is a long-time passion of mine and Ken Robinson is one fo my favourite speakers on the subject. He is a very interesting guy and delivers his presentations with humour, which I personally like a lot.

Some of the points he makes are quite controversial, for example those about ADHD, but he has a lot of self-conviction and this comes across when he speaks. He really knows his stuff!
  1. What do you think of his ideas in general?
  2. Do you agree with his point of view that our education systems need to be remodernised?
  3. Do you agree with his point of view on the treatment of ADHD?
  4. How would you like to see the education system in your country evolve?


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