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How much time do you sit?

5 years ago
This is a question for everyone, including Verbling teachers, especially those who sit for many hours per day. According to this article sitting is as bad as smoking. In fact it says 3 times as bad in terms of the likelihood of an early death.


If you work in an office, at a desk, or at a checkout in a shop it doesn't really matter the location. What do you think about this study?

I have always had the luck of avoiding sitting too much, working far from home, then teaching while standing most of the time. These days I am sitting at a desk in front of a computer a lot. I do quite a lot of walking and swimming, but I am not sure if it's enough.

This is one of those extremely obvious things. Everyone knows it to be true, though few actually do the right thing.

How much time do you sit? How much aerobic exercise do you do? What is a healthy daily routine according to your experience?

Do you think that if you do an hour of aerobic exercise every day it's enough to balance the negative effects of sitting for 8 hours? What do you think?