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How well do you know idioms? - idioms practice

6 years ago

Are you familiar with any of the following idioms or can you guess their meanings?

Please choose the correct option for each of the 10 idioms below. Good luck :)
1. Take the mickey
a) Make fun of someone
b) Mimic someone
c)Have a joke with Mickey Mouse
2. Pop one’s clogs
a) When the drain is clogged
b) To go dancing
c) To die

3. Cost an arm and a leg
a) Very expensive
b) Very cheap
c) A reasonable price

4. Hit the nail on the head.
a) To do DIY (do it yourself - home maintenance)
b) Do or say something that is exactly right or completely true
c) Use your fingernail to scratch your head

5. Bite off more than you can chew
a) Eat too much food
b) Have an adventure
c) Attempt a task that is too difficult for you to accomplish

6. A piece of cake.
a) Something that’s very difficult
b) Something that’s very easy
c) Something that’s enjoyable

7. Give someone the cold shoulder
a) Get angry with someone
b) Ignore someone
c) Take revenge on someone

8. Let the cat out of the bag
a) Reveal a secret
b) When you drop your bag
c) Make a mistake

9. A blessing in disguise
a) A shocking event
b) Something that seems bad at first, but is actually a good thing later
c) When somebody says a prayer

10. To be on the ball
a) To be good at sport
b) Feel energetic
c) Be very alert and aware of what is happening

Do you know any other examples of idioms?