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How would you spend your holidays?

4 years ago
How would you spend your holidays?

I was thinking about that questions before Chinese Spring Festivals, and finally my friends and I made up the decision to go to Thailand for travelling.
We went to Chiangmai and Phuket island. When we were in Kata Beach of Phuket, we noticed that lots of foreigners were lying on the beach and enjoying their sunshine, we talked with a couple from France, the wife said Each year they have 6 weeks' leaves, and they enjoyed to choose one place for 2 weeks' life. Last year they went to Chiangmai and this year they chose Phuket for holidays. They were lying on the beach for a whole day, reading some books, and being quiet. Everything was so wonderful and peaceful, and before sunset, they went back to their hotels then went for dinner and bar time.
It's so different from us Chinese people, we usually rush to one scenic spot and take some pictures to prove that we went there, and then rush to another scenic spot doing the same actions. So you will see that in Thailand there are lots of Chinese tourists in Patong Beach while few people live around other beach. Some restaurants are full of Chinese tourists just because of some travel notes on Internet or Apps. And in the shopping mall or Luxury stores you will find most of the customers are from China and they don't stop shopping.
We never stop at one place and put us into enjoying the local life, I believe that experiencing is the best way to broaden the horizons, which must be very interesting.
But some would say that is because we don't have such long leaves, that maybe one of the reasons, others would say most Chinese are hard-working, they are living a fast-paced life, and don't know how to change the life model in a short time. But what's more important, in my opinion, I would say that is the way you choose how to live with the nature and the different culture, so what do you think?