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I feel lazy and that's it!

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Are you familiar with the word "laziness"? Such a sweet, alluring feeling.... The desire to lie down, sleep, watch TV. Laziness very often prevents us from achieving our goals. How to deal with it? I will try to answer this question:
  • As I already wrote in my previous article "How much time I need to understand Russian language?", you should give yourself a clear answer to the question: "Why am I learning a foreign language?" The goal will not allow you to surrender halfway, and only you can motivate yourself to the right extent;

  • Listen to yourself. There are people who better perceive information in the morning, and in the evening they feel exhausted and tired. But there are vice versa, people who have a "new breath" in the evening. Listen to yourself, when is it convenient for you to practice? In the morning? Then always try to learn the language in the morning, never put off until the evening! If you won’t be engaged at a time when it is convenient for you, you will constantly make up excuses: "I’ll do it tomorrow, today it’s too late, I’m tired";

  • Sometimes, it seems that learning a new language is simply impossible and learning it will last forever. Everyone who has ever studied a foreign language passes through this stage. The most important thing is not to stop. Always move forward! It seems that you don’t see the result, in fact there is a result! You memorize more and more words, make fewer mistakes, your pronunciation improves every day, you understand grammar;

  • It’s great to learn a foreign language with loved ones. You can do it in a playful way. For example: select a topic "Family", "Animals", "Fruits/Vegetables" and name the words from this topic in turn. Words should not be repeated. This is a very interesting and fascinating game in which you not only have a great time with your loved ones, but also activate your vocabulary and learn new words;

  • A very common excuse is "I have no time." Agree, it’s impossible to devote 2 hours a day to learning a language. It will get boring very quickly and all desire will instantly disappear. But, devote 20 minutes a day to learn a foreign language is a completely different matter! You can divide these 20 minutes, 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening. Listened to two songs, it's already 10 minutes. Watched a small video, this is also 10 minutes. Read the text, look, 10 minutes have already passed;

  • Think of learning a foreign language as something interesting, fascinating. Never regard this as something unpleasant, some kind of burden;

  • If you are tired and feel that you don’t have the strength to do anything, just read a small number of words and their translation before bedtime. Doing such a daily ritual before going to bed, you will very quickly remember and learn unfamiliar foreign words;

  • "I'm tired! Tired of learning, I don’t understand grammar, tired of everything. And in general, this language is not that interesting!" This also happens often, but you need to understand that every foreign language is difficult and it requires your dedication and patience. If learning a language has become uninteresting for you, dilute it by watching movies, reading interesting and fascinating books, listen to foreign radio, watch television, listen to music, attract your relatives, friends, loved ones, etc. Try to find what you like and do it more often;

  • Another interesting trick for learning foreign words is the following action: hang cards with words and their translation in the bathroom near the mirror. Every morning and evening, while brushing your teeth, pronounce these words in your head. This will help you learn words very quickly in an easy way;

  • Use desks to learn new words. This is done in a playful way, i.e. you’ll play and learn words at the same time;

  • Make a habit of learning a foreign language when you are waiting for someone/something: waiting in traffic jam, waiting for transport, waiting for a friend, etc. Don’t just wait, but do something to learn the language. You will not only not lose valuable time, but spend it with benefit;

  • And, of course, it’s very important to praise yourself! In the Russian language there is one interesting expression: “If you won’t praise yourself, no one will praise you”. Therefore, constantly praise yourself! I learned the words, how great, I’m well done! Listened to foreign music, great! I watched the film without subtitles, this is progress! I read the book, I am delighted with myself!
I hope this will help you and I wish you good luck in learning a foreign language!