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I'm Celebrating :))

6 years ago
I've now taught 100 fantastic sessions on Verbling!!!!!!!!!

Over the past few months, I have helped adults to practice and learn English, and especially Business English.
I've had Businessmen practice for business meeting and presentations at conferences
while others have learned and practiced job interview skills and got their job.

I've had students practice for IELTS and achieve their goals.

I also have students who are moving country and need to learn English so they can get their Residency. One student improved from an A2 to B2 level in just 6 weeks and is well on the way to being ready to do her IELTS exam.

Other students have just come to me to practice their everyday English conversational skill, or to learn phrasal verb and idioms.

So this is a big THANK YOU to all the wonderful students I have had!!

I look forward to the next 100 lessons and to helping you achieve your goal

If you would like me to help you practice and improve your English just book a time or message me:)