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"I'm going to make money!" As one of my students said it.

a year ago
When it comes to learning a new language, of course, there will be sounds you're not familiar with, because your own language has no equivalent or tone or emphasis. 

Well, in Thai, there is the consonant "Ngaaw" which is a nasal sound. In one class we tried very hard on getting the pronunciation right. On my side, I tried to repeat it for my student again and again until my jaws ached and, on his side, he was a very determined, too. (How lucky I am!).

Okay, Ngaan means work in Thai. Please repeat after me: Ngaan.....Ngaan.....try to drag the sound out, this will help you to nail it, Ngaaaaaan.....it's a long vowel. My student repeated.....Naaan.....Naaan....Naan......Ngeun......Ngeun.....Ngeun....

Stop...stop...stop it right there! I actually like your version much better. You've been saying "money, money and money"! 

Our original sentence we're working on today is "I'm going to make work". Phom (I) bpai (go) tham (make) Ngaan(work).

Now, our updated version from you is:  "I'm going to make money". Phom (I) bpai (go) tham (make) Ngeun (money). I love it!!

From now on when someone asks me this question:

Where are you going?

I'm going to work. NO, NO, NO!

Try again.....with the new updated version.

I'm going to make money. YES, YES, YES! :) Thank you, Mark, absolutely you're making my day!