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Immediate Idioms ❗

3 years ago
Another round of immediate idioms! Don't forget to comment and discuss how you'll be implementing these in your daily English interactions!

Kick off (verb) - to start/begin
  1. I am kicking off my new workout plan this week!
  2. Lets get to the game early - I don't want to miss kick off! (refers to the first play of an American football game, or sometimes the opening of a soccer match).
Have good taste (noun) - to have good ideas, to make good choices, to show good judgement
  1. I love her style. She has great taste!
  2. He is always dating awful people. He really needs better taste.
  3. Its important to show good taste with the friends you keep.
Give it a shot (verb) - to try something new, to try a new opportunity
  1. He might not be your type, but give him a shot, you might like him!
  2. Even if you think you don't like country music, go to a concert and give it a shot.
  3. I know you don't like exercise, but have you ever given yoga a shot?
Kick off your week with these new idioms - then let me know in the comments which onces you gave a shot! 😄