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Immediate Idioms❗

3 years ago
Interested in some new idiomatic expressions to include in your conversations or English interactions, right away? Look no further - here are three common ones that you can start using quite easily!

Keep up with (verb) - to stay up to date/know current information
  1. "Have you kept up with the news lately"?
  2. "No, more recently I have been keeping up with sports"!
  3. "Oh, ok. Well, at least you have something to keep up with"!
Check out (verb) - to explore, investigate, learn more about
  1. "I am going to check out the new mall in town today"!
  2. "Oh fun, let me know how it is! Have you checked out that new grocery store yet"?
Be into (verb(conjugate "be" to the subject!)) - to like, to be interested in, to engage with
  1. "The concert was great! We were very into the music"!
  2. "Thats awesome! Did John have fun? I know he is not into those things".
  3. "Yeah! Even though it was different, there was lots of art and activities to get into"!
I have not kept up with John's love life lately, but I noticed Jane was checking him out. I'll have to see if he is into somebody, or if he is available.

Let me know in the comments which of these idioms you will be using right away, and which you would like to see next!