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Immigrants Make America Great

5 years ago
First I do not at all support what the US government is doing currently to immigrants separating children from their parents and associated negative consequences of all of it. This is simply the selfish racist wish of the current person in the Whitehouse. It does not represent the majority of Americans who welcome new immigrants into the USA. As an English teacher I teach, help, and encourage all immigrants to have the best English fluency skills as possible. Do not give up your dreams and desires to live the life you want, where you want, how you want. The selfish person in the Whitehouse will not be there forever, and I'm saying this as lightly as possible, because I could easily come up with very profane language to describe this person.

Review my schedule availability and choose dates times that are best for you. I'm happy to help you improve all of your English skills, and much more. If you are low on money and living on a tight financial budget, still contact me, and together we will figure out a way to best help you. Thank you.