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In Arabic : Focus on the 6 Letters and say it like a Pro

6 years ago
You should know that The Arabic letter is 2 groups
Group no 1 : it is the letters similar to English or Latin letter like
  • A it is similar to the " أ " Arabic letter
  • B it is similar to the " ب " Arabic letter
  • C it is similar to the " ث " and " س " Arabic letter
  • F it is similar to the " ف " Arabic letter
  • H it is similar to the " هـ" Arabic letter
and you found it is about more than 70% of the letter you see ? it is easy if you understand :) Group no 2 : it is the letters that have no similar to English letter like :
  • " ع "
  • " غ " = it is like french egh
  • " ح " = like you eat pepper or spicy food
  • " خ " = it is like Kh in germany
  • " ض " : it is the hard saying of D letter
  • " ق " : it is the hard saying of K letter
and those letter just all need is to practice with guide , Arabic friend or you tube or like here in Verbling by practice groups and so on :)okay ,
But Why I should focus on letters saying ? is that so important ?
sure ! the different saying for one letter may cause another word in Arabic !for example :
  • if you say : Alaa - with أ letter : is saying for ألاء female name
  • but if you say : Alaa - with ع letter : is saying for علاء male name
  • and if say : Haram - with ح letter : you here meaning say holy site Kaaba in KSA
  • but if you say : Haram - with هــ letter : you here meaning say Pyramids in Egypt !
so one letter make the difference , be sure of that :D !and by the saying the letter clear , you will be more like native saying Arabic , not foreign speaking words hardly to them :D and that is cool :D for right saying for letter , Check what Wisam Sharieff do in this videos , He make it with funny nice way , listen and try to imitate and focus with the six letters that I said
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