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Secret In learning Arabic: keep it small , keep it every day !

2 years ago
My experience is not only in teaching Arabic , but I like to learn languages every year

and yes I do not have time to be Advanced but at least just to make beginner level
"if you can not do it all , do not leave the idea at all "

So in 2021 I was learning Spanish and "Yo soy Creo es un lenguaje hermoso "
and this year I am learning German too "und Ich denke das auch eine schone Sprache 😁"

So I am not talking as Tutor , but as a student too 😄 I know how you as student struggle and feel , and some times , you feel away from the track , Life is so busy , and we want to do it a lot of things , dreams , goals , plans , every day

So here is my tips , it is so simple 👍 KEEP it every day
when you like to learn language like Arabic ( or any )
then the table of arabic must be served in your brain every day
read article , headlines , record a voice , send message , learn words , listen

but must be EVERY DAY !

But you will say , how to dedicate time , I do not have time
and here is tip no 2 👍 you have time but you have to make it in top of your list

Think about it , if someone come to you and tell you that dream company you like to work with is offer you position with this terms and money as you like but they need one thing 👍 to learn this language in 6 months

then you will make a time for it
why ?
it is now in top of your list !!

so you can make a time
and my suggestion to make it small
start so small , even 5 minutes
but 5 minutes every day
until became a habbit then increase it

Keep it every day , keep it small , Keep it on your list

That is it and keep learning, it is fun 🎉
سلام 😊🙏

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