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In the world of quarantine...

3 years ago
Hello Verbling!

As you all know, the world is buzzing with talk of Covid-19.
I know many people have experienced this as a frightening time, and the statistics don't really set one's mind at ease...
As a language-lover, I wanted to try to address the topic on my own terms - I know many artists and other businesspeople have addressed it through comics or posts, but I wanted to do something around linguistics.

So, of course, I wrote a spoken-word poem. If you're interested, watch the video linked below. You'll see it's separated into three different stanzas - each stanza deals with a different sub-theme.

The main idea I was trying to convey is this:
Throughout our history, humankind has overcome insurmountable odds. Every person who wakes up in the morning, puts on his/her brave face and faces the day, is fighting the fear.

Together, (while practising safe social distancing) we are stronger.
My thoughts are with you all while we continue to watch the world change.
Please share your comments below.