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Is gaming a sport? - 6 minute English podcast

6 years ago

INTERMEDIATE listening and writing practice

At a recent event in Australia over 18,000 people paid to watch an eSports match. Not to play – just to watch. What makes computer games so popular? Neil and Catherine discuss gaming as a sport, talk about the Fortnite phenomenon and teach you six items of vocabulary.

Vocabulary and transcript here:


this week's question:

In 1950 Bertie the Brain was the name of one of the very first computer games. It played a simple game of noughts and crosses, also called tic-tac-toe. But how tall was this computer? Was it…
a)    one metre tall;           
b)    about four metres tall or
c)    about ten metres tall­?

Listen to the programme to find out the answer.

writing practice

What do you think future video games will be like?

Write your answers in the comments or message me and I (or another teacher) will correct them for you! If you want to practice your speaking, book a class with me and we can start talking 😁