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Is it possible to completely eliminate a non-native English speaker's accent?

5 years ago
Hello, I'm posting this question because I am curious if any other teachers and learners have experienced and/or been able to help with this question/request. I recently had a student ask if we could work on getting rid of her Chinese accent that she has when speaking English. I was curious to find out if it is possible to completely get rid of the accent you have as a non-native speaker of English. I know you can improve your pronunciation, your speaking style, enunciation of words, etc, but would that affect your accent? I know many fluent speakers of English who have learned the language and have lived in the United States for a while, but many of them still have a tinge of their native language accent.

Have any teachers here taught a student how to do this? Or have any non-native speakers here been able to able to get rid of their original accent and replace it with an American/British/etc English accent? What tips would you offer this student? Thanks!