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Is it real to learn Russian without a teacher?

3 years ago
Yes, that is real. But you should be really organized person to make yourself study Russian. There are still several recommendations that can help you make your studies easier: ⠀
  • Formulate your goal properly and put it on your wall to see it often
  • Write a plan to achieve your goal
  • Widen your vocabulary. You can use Quizlet.com for this
  • Read a lot in Russian. Even Instagram posts
  • Work on your grammar and put it in practice immediately
  • Listen to anything that interests you but in Russian (like YouTube videos)
  • Find a pen pal or write comments for Instagram posts (you can do it here)
  • Comment everything in Russian
That is just small portions of all recommendations and challenges that you can receive on our Russian Marathon. Here we are going to find your personal way to study Russian depending on your strong and weak sides, improve all your language skills and practice, practice, practice. ⠀We are going to study Russian together, so you will not give your studies up so easily. ⠀ Plus, you can earn a lot of prizes just by completing tasks. ⠀ The Russian Marathon starts on 7th of October and costs just $7. It is nothing for so important information. Also, you will get a free online lesson with me in the end.
The rules are simple: if you complete challenges, you get prizes. The more tasks you complete, the more prizes you get. Read more about the program of the Russian Marathon here: https://www.ru-les.com/marathons/study-russian-with-t.. I look forward to seeing you here! Пока-пока!