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Is somebody here to help me with my english application?

6 years ago
Hi I would need somebody who could read over my application and tell me what I can write better. Just for the grammar and spelling 😄 Would be cool if somebody can help me with that 😅.
Dear Sir or Madam,
herewith I apply for your Office Management – Procurement Event apprenticeship which I became aware of your Homepage.
I decided for this apprenticeship because the job suits well with my interests and my way of working. Independent working, secure handling of Microsoft Office and general technical understanding are the most important ones. Those characteristics and me being enthusiastic towards esports in general, would make me a good choice for this job.
At the moment I am working as an electronic engineer where I finished my first apprenticeship in. Through this experience I already learned skills which would be benefiting to you. As for example independent and structured systematic way of working, basic programming skills and because of assembly work I am used to stressful situations.
Concerning myself I am sociable and dependable. Because of that I got vote as class speaker a couple of times. I am eager and ready to learn new things, so that we can achieve every goal we have set for ourselves together as a team.
I want to work at your company because teamwork and team chemistry is as important to you as it is for me. Working for you also means helping E-Sports grow, which is something I always wanted to do.
Naturally I would be happy to discuss my job application in further detail in a personal interview.
Best regards,
Danny Bartels