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"It’s nothing, don’t worry, it’s nothing!"

a month ago
This week I have more news for you from the Polski Daily!

Poles love football! Even though we are not that good at all and most often we just loose and we’re much better in other sport disciplines, like handball or volleyball. Do you know what is the most famous football song in Poland? „It’s nothing, don’t worry, it’s nothing!” so a song about loosing ;) Unfortunately, that’s how it is! But it all doesn’t matter, because anyway, starting this weekend, the whole country will hold its breath and go nuts about THE BALL. So what’s it gonna be – are you gonna cheer together with me for the Polish team?

If the answer is yes, remember to watch the games on Saturday, June 19th, when we play with Spain and on Wednesday, June 23rd, when we play with Sweden. We’ve already lost one game, last Monday, to Slovakia! :( Polish internet is already full of memes and jokes about the whole championships - „the opening game”, the „we have nothing left to loose game” and the „game of honor” - they laugh. The joke is that from the start we assumed we’re going to loose every single one of them and – unfortunately – so far, we were not wrong! :D

What can I say! We’re not exactly optimists here in Poland, but we also just try to stay reasonable. Eeeh, we’ll see. Keep your fingers crossed! ;)