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Keep your inspiration in learning Vietnamese language by sinking yourself into splendid Vietnamese music

3 years ago

Hi greatest language learners,
How is your language study? Are you still very interested in the language which you are learning? If your answer is Yes, you are so lucky.It is normal that we lose our interest little by little in learning something for long time, especially languages, for sure. So what we should do to keep our inspiration on and on through the time?
In my experience when I study English, I usually read book or story books in English. But actually, this just helped me engage a little of my time. As sometimes we easily feel a little boring if we have to read and have to look for the words in the dictionary too much. 
When I realized this, I pay attention more on translation English music songs and practiced sing them myself. And it was interesting, I loved learning the language more and more and I felt better. 
So now I think it is the same to Vietnamese language. Especially Vietnamese is a tonal language, with much up and down, accents and pitches like you are singing. So when I work with most of my students, I am always advising them to learn to sing a song which they like. 
Now I have had a plan to make music videos for popular songs with translation and subtitles. I try to make sure that you not only understand the words of the songs, but you can also sink your self in the Vietnamese songs and music. 
Khi Thầy viết bảng  When my teachers write on the boards,
Bụi phấn rơi rơi.  The chalk dust falls down. 
Có hạt bụi nào rơi trên bục giảng      There is some chalk dust falling on the teaching platform
Có hạt bụi nào vương trên tóc thầy   There is some chalk dust falling down on my teachers’ hair
Em yêu phút giây này                       I love this moment.
Thầy em, tóc như bạc thêm,          When my teachers’ hair gets whiter and whiter,
Bạc thêm vì bụi phấn                     get whiter because of the chalk dust 
Đã cho em bài học hay                    while teachers are giving us good lessons
Mai sau lớn, nên người                   Later when we grow up
 Làm sao, có thể nào quên?           How can we forget?
Ngày xưa thầy dạy dỗ                   Our teachers have taught us in the old time. 
Khi em tuổi còn thơ.