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Keys to Success in Business and Life

4 years ago
I found this great article from TIME, check it out:


Tell me which is your most important key to success and which ones you agree with in this article.

I thought the first one was quite interesting. The article's first key to success is energy and physical stamina with the purpose of working 60-65 hours per week, (10 hours per day including weekends).

I agree in some ways. If you put in more hours your are likely to be more successful. Having said that, if you're working in menial work on minimum wage, it's unlikely that more hours will bring you more success, you'll just get exhausted.

However I agree with this key with the added principle of using that time to modify and change how you do things. I've experienced this in many areas of life. The more hours you put in, the more likely you'll achieve the desired result. You might have 9 hours where your are fighting against a brick wall, but in that last hour your efforts are rewarded.

It's a really interesting article so give it a read and tell me what you think.