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Languages Challenge: What languages are you learning? What do you need to do to progress?

3 years ago
I'm learning French and Italian. What languages are you learning?

Sto imparando il francese e l'italiano. Che lingue stai imparando?
J'apprends le français et l'italien. Quelles langues apprenez-vous?

I think it's important to work on small goals like one or two words per day, or think up a sentence or two. For me these are my goals as I am in the elementary class in both of these languages. Small realistic goals are important.

My tip if you are elementary is not to try to do too much. Try and get the pronunciation right by listening to native pronunciation.

With my Spanish I'm a C1 level. It's more difficult to find higher level Spanish texts or videos that actually hold my interest.

My tip if you are advanced. You've got to find some literature that interests you or someone intellectual who you can learn something from, or that you can talk about deeper subjects with.

So let me know if you accept the languages challenge. Which languages you are learning and if you have any more tips you'd like to share.