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Laughter = Best lesson

4 years ago
Hello learners and natives,

I am curious, who uses laughter to learn English?
Who uses:
Funny faces
Silly stories
Animated expressions
Hilarious songs

(A1 Learner)
I found that my students learn a lot more when they have laughed! I was singing, "Oh where is Sally, Oh where is Sally..." song to a student and they began to hide and giggle. It was great! Not only did they understand I was looking for them, they knew to hide and "pop out" when I said, "There she is!".

(A2 Learner)
I told a joke one class, "Why did the boy throw the clock out the window" as I showed pictures of a boy throwing a clock out. The student looked hard and long at the comic until I drew wings on the clock and an (XD) face. The boy laughed so hard and said, "The clock fly!" I went on to teach him the joke and say, "To see time fly" the rest of the lesson we flew like the time.

Now these students starts to laugh at the very beginning of most lessons.

Disclaimer: Not Student's real name.