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Learn, Master and Excel with me!

2 years ago
Do you want to learn Tagalog/Filipino?
Learn, Master and Excel with me! Mabuhay! I'm a teacher by profession for 14 years now. I graduated Bachelor of Education, Master in Public Management and Doctor of Education. Completed TESOL & TEFL Courses, and completed Academic Requirements for Master of Arts in Education.
I’m happy to help you achieve your learning goals. The lessons I teach are tailored/designed according to your needs and aim at improving your communication skills through meaningful discussions and conversations. I can help you on vocabulary development, oral fluency, developing conversational skills, reading comprehension, sentence structure, enunciating words correctly, accent reduction and constructive grammar error corrections for improvement. In my class, learning Tagalog(Filipino) language would be more fun and engaging as I do incorporate/integrate Filipino culture, values, traditions and a lot more about the Philippines and on what the country can offer you. We can also discuss varied topics as to your interest or anything you would like to talk about and different activities like travel, destination, visiting someone/family, transport, airport, money, directions, hotels, resort, restaurant, phone calls, eating, business, health emergencies, holidays, vacation, lovers' language etc. My Filipino(Tagalog) lessons are for beginners to advanced learners. Every after class I send the lesson file. I also provide audio materials to certain topics base on what I teach.
Learn, Master and Excel with me!
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