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Learn Positive Mind English

6 years ago
Looking for a new approach to your English speaking lessons?
Do you feel stuck and unable to progress? Are you afraid to go out into the world and speak English? ​Then this course is for you! Be honest with yourself. What is really holding you back?  The answer mainly lies in your subconscious mind. It is fear of failure! Now is the time to stop searching for that 'magic formula' to enhance your English speaking skills, it just doesn`t exist! What you need is hard work, determination, and the right mindset to see it through. Now is the time to connect English Language Learning with Positive Thinking because... 'WE ARE WHAT WE THINK!'
My English course tackles both issues. Alongside our focused English speech lessons, we also learn how to train our mind to think positively. And this is the key to success whether it be learning to speak English or in any other areas of your life. The repeating of Positive Affirmations is a method that has been proven to dispel the negative thoughts that stop us from achieving great things and to replace these with positive thoughts which bring about positive actions leading to success in every area of our lives. This course replaces the need for repetition by a deep study and a thorough understanding of the thousands of English words which are classed as positive words. These positive words are not only learned as new vocabulary, they are also positioned in popular English phrases which we learn throughout the course.  This method  replaces the need for the repetition of positive affirmations but has the exact same effect.   We will also discuss how you can use these positive words and phrases to replace negative thought and therefore control your mind and bring about the positive thought that will not only enhance and speed up your learning to speak English, it will also enhance many other areas of your life also.  If you follow my course and do the work necessary I guarantee that after a few weeks you will suddenly find that you are confident to speak English to anyone!  
Find me on Verbling at the link below and come and say hello.
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About Me:
I`m native English but now live in Bangkok, Thailand. My background is in radio broadcasting where for many years in the UK I produced and presented radio programmes with both commercial radio and the BBC. I`ve been an actor, a voice over, and am an established film maker producing travel and cultural videos and documentaries from South East Asia for my website. I also have experience as a lecturer in Radio Broadcasting techniques in the UK. I now teach Conversational English online. My approach to teaching conversational English is relaxed, informal, friendly, creative and fun and my background as a radio broadcaster lends itself to this style of teaching as a friendly, conversational style is what I practiced during my career on the radio. Of course English conversation comes in many forms, some more complex than others. From simply being able to greet people in English, to business vocabulary and job interview situations and all in between. My job, as a facilitator to my students, is to ensure confidence in their English speaking by providing examples, correcting simple mistakes and generally giving advice. My online tutoring begins with a casual and relaxed question and answer session, This is a two way conversation designed to get to know you better and to find out what you want to achieve with your English conversation lessons. During this initial session, I will also discover your present level of English conversation to enable me to discuss with you how we will proceed. Although I am new on Verbling. I have spoken to hundreds of English speech learners across the world and now it's your turn. Come and join me and let's improve you English speaking fluency together today.