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Learning Japanese for beginner

4 years ago
Hi. My name is Shota from Japan. I have been teaching Japanese for over 6 years now. And I have helped so many people who want to learn Japanese.
1, Hiragana learning Hiragana is first thing to do for learning Japanese I believe. base of 46 different sounds of Japanese that very important for learning Japanese.
2,basic grammar, vocabulary  trying to learn basic grammar and vocabulary which are very important and useful ones. You do not need to learn unnecessary things at beginning. what you all need to learn is necessary things.
3, conversation  after you learn basic grammar and vocabulary, Lets start trying to use them in conversation. The most important thing for learning language is conversation. If you do not use, speak, you never remember and forget.
that is all you need to do If you are beginner. It is very simple. And one more thing very important thing is curry on.  Of course at beginning is hard. everyone have to pass through that.  but If you curry on , it is gonna get easier and easier.
I hope all your best. Good luck