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Lesson 03: Phrasal Verbs (EDUCATION)

6 years ago

1. Be into - be actively interested in sth.

example: Are you into English?

2. Take up - start doing a new activity

example: Chris has taken up jogging.

3. Go over - check something carefully

example: Go over your work before you hand it in.

4. Read up on - s tudy sth. by reading a lot about it

example: I need to read up on my British history.

5. Hand in / turn in - give your finished work to a teacher

exmple: I handed my homework in late as usual.

6. Hand out - give things to the members of a group

example: Could you hand these books out, please?

7. Copy out - write sth. again exactly as it was written

example: We need to copy out sentences from a book.

8. Drop out - leaving school without finishing your studies

example: She started a degree but dropped out only after a year.

9. Fall behind - make less progress than other people

example: My daughter is falling behind her classmates.