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Lesson duration variable by TT/SS requirements

3 years ago
I have so many students that have asked me for different lengths of lessons 30 minutes 45 minutes 90 minutes comma and it would be great if I could offer them a slot and break it down into these different lengths. This is something that the teacher could do themselves and it would be an excellent feature to be able to offer.
I have so many students that want to just do a 30 minute each day conversation class is one hour is just too much to dedicate each day, but 30 minutes is fine.
The way that I have to do that at the moment is to keep open an hour slot but only give them 30 minutes and then reserve another 30 minutes slot as not available for my other students, meaning that I actually lose out on half an hour slots!
I understand that it's me that does this but it's better to keep the 30 minute slot for the rest of the week with the hopes that are not putting off potential customers losing their other half an hours (if you understand what I mean. (
Please can this be investigated as a matter of urgency thank you so much
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