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Lesson Exchange for Teachers Only

6 years ago
My suggestion to Verbling:

It would be a nice perk for teachers to have a language exchange lounge for teachers to trade language lessons. Since most of us love languages and study other languages, we could do it here, as an added benefit from Verbling. It could be implemented as an achievement award to teachers who reach a certain number of classes taught here. This way it would serve as a perk or incentive to real teachers, preventing people who are not real teachers from benefiting from this feature.

What's your take on this?
Do you think it's feasible?
Pros & Cons welcome!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Please note that Verbling is implementing a new policy regarding minimum hourly fee. We CANNOT charge each other less than USD6 for a 60-min lesson. So, please be hereby advised that, those of us who were charging each other USD3 for trading lessons will now be forced to pay a minimum of USD6. It is only fair to do it this way, so Verbling gets it's fee - 15% is not much, when you think about all the advantages and services we get here, and all the people behind it making it happen.