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Lesson Space Redesign: Feedback Requested

2 years ago
Dear Teachers,

In an effort to provide you with a better teaching experience on Verbling, we’re redesigning the lesson space interface, making improvements to existing lesson space tools, and adding several new tools as well. Here are some of the highlights:

We’re improving:
  • Lesson connectivity
  • Notepad capabilities
  • Screensharing
We’re adding:
  • Additional drawing tools
  • Synchronized video watching
  • Fun, interactive classroom tools like cheers, fireworks, confetti, dice, countdown, timer
And more!

We’d like to invite you to test a trial version of the new lesson space redesign, and get your thoughts and feedback before it is released.

If interested in being a tester, please follow the instructions on this form: https://goo.gl/forms/QoN61jZcqH9EIiDF2

Thank you,
The Verbling Team

Please Note: Comments are turned off for this post as we require your feedback to be provided individually via the Google Form posted above. Thank you for your cooperation!

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