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Let's learn French together! 🇫🇷🇨🇦🥖

2 years ago

Apprends le Français en pratiquant et discutant ensemble! Let's learn French together!

Looking to improve your French or learn it as a new language? If your answer was "oui, oui!" then...
I work with students of all levels on Verbling to master the French language.

Some things to consider before booking your first lesson:1) how long have you been focused on learning? 2) what's been most helpful other than lessons and practice? 3.) Has anyone tried language immersion by living in or moving to a new country/city?

Curious to hear experiences on language immersion as research proves this is fastest route to fluency (many students develop basic conversational abilities in 90 days with immersive practice.
Are you interested just getting started or interested in improving French skills? Working to improve your French for fun, for business or for work? Happy to discuss any current challenges in your studies. À bientôt et j'hâte à apprendre le français ensemble!