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2 years ago
The Letter Challenge returns....we continue with the letter "H".
Please comment below your thoughts about the phrase and vocabulary
An idiom or phrase beginning with "H" in your native language.

Here's the origin of the challenge:
A few days ago I was talking with a student about New Year’s Resolutions. We were quite positive about what we were going to achieve in 2019. One of her ideas was to try new things for each letter of the alphabet, so I thought I would take that idea and apply it to language learning. I will be posting an idiom and a vocabulary word for each letter of the alphabet.


Hit the nail on the head Definition: Do or say something exactly right
Example: Person 1: I think the majority of people who voted for Brexit because they were misinformed by the British government.
Person 2: Yes! I think you've hit the nail on the head there.


harbinger Definition: something indicating the approach of something or someone Example: Even as villagers stared out at an ocean of detritus littered by the tsunami, cherry blossoms, the harbinger of spring, bloomed.