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2 years ago
The confusion in using like or as is caused by a lack of understanding of the words’ roles. In formal writing, like is used as a preposition, telling where, when or how the noun in the sentence is doing whatever it may be doing. As is used as a conjunction, joining two clauses.

Here are some examples:


Expressing similarity:
The position she’s applying for is exactly like the one she had before.
A day without her is like a day without sunshine.

Giving examples:
The influence of writers like John Steinbeck has been very significant in our culture.

With certain verbs: be, look, feel, sound, taste
It is like a hotel, but more charming and familiar.
This feels like real fur, but it isn’t.
He looks like a movie star!
That sounds like a great idea.
This doesn’t taste like my mother’s paella.

He is as slow as a turtle.
No one makes chocolate cake as my mother does.
He can’t play tennis as he used to.

Can you give more examples? I dare you!