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Listen to french ... but real spoken french 😅

6 years ago
Hi guys,

One of the things my students say is the hardest for them is to understand spoken french... Not french spoken in the news or documentaries or or dubbed american movies or learning audio... but the daily spoken french between french people when no non-french individual is listening 😜
And I agree on that, there is a huge difference between this french and that other french.

Anyway, I've been looking for some material to listen to that could help you little by little to decode the second one, and I found this interesting website where native french speakers have recorded themselves talking about a variety of subjects. You can pick the level you are more comfortable with (A1-C2) and practice listening to a few. I use that with some of my local students here in Dublin and it paid off.

Might be useful to learners and tutors ! 😊

https://www.audio-lingua.eu/spip.php?page=rechercheavancee&lang=fr&id_rubrique=1&mot2=10&mot3=29&mot4=26&mot5=27&tri=date😅 😅