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Listening to podcasts to improve Polish

2 years ago

How are your listening skills? Can you understand native speakers easily or it costs you a lot of effort and stress?

I'm Paulina - Polish teacher and a strong believer in podcasts as a great resource to immerse yourself in a target language and obtain natural accent, automatize grammar structures and just learn something interested either about culture or people or the language itself.

Every week I record a podcast episode. One week for beginners, another week for intermediate students. It started with the need of creating more content for my own students and grew. Now approximately 2000 students listen to my podcast every week! Recently I got some great mails from listeners and felt confident enough to share the information about the podcast not only on my social media.

So if you are willing to try learning with podcasts - please visit my website https://www.polskidaily.eu/polish-podcast/ or simply search for Polski Daily in Spotify, Itunes, Google Podcast or any other app you use to listen to podcasts!

I'll be very happy if you join the community of my listeners! <3