Hello everyone-I am by no means new to Verbling-I have regular students on Verbling now which is good but I am just not getting real traffic to my profile. I have a well branded Instagram and Facebook where I advertise and post regularly, a great intro video and my pricing is not to high or too low. I contribute with valuable IELTS content and articles on the Verbling platform.(https://www.verbling.com/deck/5ef1fe364c62180008bffd45/ielts-synonyms-beginning-with-a) What in the world am I doing wrong? Why do I not see more traffic to my profile and why am I not getting more students? I love teaching on Verbling because of the lovely classroom interface. How long did it take any Verbling veterans out there to become established? Ideally I would like to teach 3 classes a day, five days a week which is not a lot at all-only 15 hours per week. There is loads of availability on my schedule.

What in the world am I doing wrong? Why is there so little traffic to my profile? I am an ESL veteran of almost 16 years and I have coached dozens and dozens of student to do their best with IELTS?????