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Making the most of what you have… and building on it

6 years ago
Often times students concentrate too much on acquiring what they don't have instead of better using the English they already have and building on that.

Of course this has been an integral part of methodology since the stone age and before - learning based on what is already known; the communicative approach in language learning. And yet, many students - and teachers too! - insist on wanting to "move on" cramming on grammar, vocab, idioms, memorizing in a futile attempt to learn the language. I'm not saying you shouldn't memorize - of course a lot of memorizing is involved here.
But really putting to good use what the student already knows is very important; teaching the same things at a higher level, building up on the known and up and out into the new - providing a little bit of challenge while reinforcing and repairing what has been already learnt.

However, a lot of class teaching just keeps throwing new grammar and vocabulary at students. Does that really accomplish anything?

Book a class with me and I'll help you make the most of what you have and build on it so can will gain fluency and start enjoying your newly acquired English fluency.