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죽여주다 means 1.suffer a great deal and make it unbearable 2.satisfy or satisfy with great satisfaction

4 months ago
Let me make an example sentence for the second meaning.

그 영화는 진짜 죽여준다.
That movie is really interesting.

찌개 맛이 죽여준다.
The taste of stew is amazing.

동해 바다 경치가 죽여주네요.
The view of the East Sea is wonderful.

그 사람 연설 죽여주더라
His speech was amazing.

And locals like to use expressions like "죽인다" and "죽이네(요)" However, the National Institute of Korean Language does not clearly explain the derivation of the etymology.

날씨 죽이네
The weather is amazing.

갈비탕 맛이 죽이네요
The rib soup(Galbitang) tastes good.

도미회 맛이 죽인다.
The taste of the sea bream is amazing.

봄꽃을 보니 기분이 죽이네요
I'm so happy to see the spring flowers.

When Koreans use these expressions, don't misunderstand the meaning of the other person.

from 우리말샘 dictionary https://ko.dict.naver.com/#/entry/koko/2b23cff4b88846738fac3ae7349a3d55

from national institute of Korean language