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Mentor Josephan's Idiom of The Day #1

6 years ago


Meaning: Being loved very much by someone. A person or thing that is precious or loved above all else.
If someone is the apple of your eye, you think he/she is very important to you, and you love him/her very much. This idiom is used especially when someone is loved by an older member of his/her family.
1. Richard is so attached to his daughter that he would do anything for her. She’s the apple of his eye.
2. The boy won’t behave in school, but you can’t convince his parents. He’s the apple of their eye.
3. Did you see the new girl in school, she is the apple of my eye.

This Centuries old expression stems from the ancient belief that the pupil of the eye was solid and shaped like an apple. The pupil was considered precious since one could not see without it.

Idiom: a group of words that means something different than the individual words it contains.

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