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Modifying words

3 years ago
Modifying words Certain words can be used in front of a verb to modify the meaning. The modifying words themselves don’t change according to the subject, but the following verb does. Here are a list of common modifying words:

láazim (have to/must): láazim a’9úd saa9táyn taláata= I have to stay two or three hours.

láazim yizáakir dilwá’ti.= He must study now.

múmkin (can/be allowed to): múmkin tiSTáadi sámak.= You (fem.) can go fishing.

múmkin nirúuH in-náadi?= Can we go to the club?

il-mafrúuD (should): il-mafrúuD táakul Háaga. =You (masc.) should eat something.

il-mafrúuD yináam bádri.= He should go to sleep early.

Darúuri (have to/need to): Darúuri níSHa is-sáa9a sáb9a. =We have to get up at seven o’clock.
Darúuri yukhrúgu dilwá’ti.= They have to go out now.

iHtimáal (may/might): iHtimáal nírga9 fi l-mustá’bal. =We might come back in the future