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Most ESL Students Have Low Motivation to Learn English: or, What is Self-actualization?

5 years ago

Most ESL Students Have Low Motivation to Learn English: or, What is Self-actualization?

I expect many of you students out there to disagree with my thesis statement. After all, you might postulate, we ‘are’ here on Verbling paying good money to learn!

You might indeed throw a million American Dollars at your English learning with expectation it will buy the outcome you profess to need, but, buying 40 hours of Verbling lessons every week will not learn you English. Only a good combination of the following will:

· Self-actualization (The achievement of one’s full potential through creativity, independence, spontaneity, and a grasp of the real world.)
· Motivation (The word "motivation" is typically defined as the forces that account for the arousal, selection, direction, and continuation of behavior.)
· Determination (The quality of being resolute with firmness of purpose and a fixed direction or tendency toward some object or end.)

So, what has this got to do with my saying “most students have low motivation to learn English? Well, first, I have too often observed students whom are unwilling to devote any time, apart from the time with a teacher holding their hands within a lesson, to studying on their own. Do you even know who you are?

You want English handed to you on an American Dollar platter and beak fed to you like fledgling birds in mother’s nest. 'You talk a good game' (in your native language) about how you are taking lessons every day but, “English is so difficult,” (and indeed it is if you are concentrating on learning the thousands of English Grammar Rules); When in reality, you do not need a teacher to learn conversational English – though you might need help learning to write good English.

If you are truly determined to improve your English speaking, you will watch all the English-speaking programs as possible, read a good variety and a lot of all the English articles and books as possible, find as many “Native” English speaking people as possible to talk to, and get yourself some good audio tapes to serve as pronunciation role models and practice emulating English sounds as much as possible.

Rather, you either sporadically take lessons here and there, or, you consistently take lessons and take lessons, and take lessons, ad infinitum; but you never invest a minute to self-study.

Thus, I say most of ‘you’ have Low Motivation to Learn English.

‘You’ are among the dreamers. Those who talk a lot about what they’re going to do someday, but never do anything. ‘Your’ lack of movement isn’t due to fear or fakery, but probably more of an “I’m waiting for the right moment, but it hasn’t come yet,” sort of attitude.

What I am saying is that Humans (hereafter referred to as “we”) tend toward an expectation of things we desire being placed into our laps. We are inclined to dream and wish and equally as damaging to success, pray for this or that to happen in our lives. Here we are, on our backs, our butts, or our knees fantasizing about what we will achieve when the cows come home.

The road to awesome is paved with dreams, but the journey is only undertaken through action. A dream without action is nothing more than wishful thinking. Achieving dreams takes work and lots of it. Be!

I am Mentor Josephan P. Sterling. Are you ready to speak English or not!