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My British for your Italian

5 years ago
Top o' the day to you, fellow Italian-speaking folks!

(For English-enthusiasts, the aforementioned 'top o' the day to you' is an old-fashioned or poetic way of courteously greeting someone, to which the best reply is 'and the rest of the day to yourself'.)

Since I am moving to Bologna this spring, I should like to deepen my shallow Italian knowledge, which I have shilly-shallied to do for months. I used to be able to speak it somewhat fluently in my salad days; be that as it may, as it happened ages ago, I virtually have to restart from scratch.

I shan't beat about the bush. I am looking for an Italian-speaker - preferably a native - with whom my language will be once again on the wing, rising to a greater height. In return, of course, I can offer my British English, be it either simplistic or traditional. From my unique vocabulary-hack technique to familiarising you with the British pronunciation in detail, I hope I shall be able to slake your desiderata.

Warm regards,
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