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My favorite Spanish-English youtube channel!

6 years ago
So I am an American English teacher living in Spain. I teach my mother tongue both on here and in schools where I live. In my off time, I'm constantly practicing my Spanish with my roommates, friends and coworkers. I found an AMAZING youtube channel that is perfect for practicing both languages. The woman is named Holly and she's American. However she spent many years growing up in Mexico because of her father's job. So basically, she speaks both languages perfectly. She has educational videos in both languages. She also just tells stories in other videos. The thing I love about the story-telling videos is that she always makes one in Spanish and one in English. I like to watch it first in English and second in Spanish.

So if you are a native English speaker learning Spanish, you HAVE to subscribe to her. If you're a native Spanish speaker learning English, you also HAVE to subscribe to her: https://www.youtube.com/user/superhollyvideos

Have any of you all found other youtube channels you love for practicing?