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Need and want

3 years ago
How can we say need and want in egyptian arabic?

The equivalent of the English ‘want’ is áawiz عاوز , also pronounced áayiz عايز. This changes to áwzaعاوزة /áyza عايزة in the feminine and عاوزين awzíin عايزين/ayzíin in the plural. It is not necessary to add the personal pronoun (‘I’, ‘you’, etc.) when the context is clear: (ána انا) áawiz I (masc.) want (ána) áwza I (fem.) want
(íHna احنا) awzíin we want
(húwwaهو ) áawiz he wants, etc........

miHtáag (‘need’) works in a similar way to 9áawiz:

(ána) miHtáag محتاج I (masc.) need (ána) miHtáaga محتاجة I (fem.) need (íHna) miHtaagíin محتاجين we need, etc.