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New Year Resolutions?

4 years ago
With every new year people find it necessary to give themselves unrealistic expectations or goals to accomplish from the time the clock strikes 12. Having ambition or wanting to be better is useful; it allows us the ability to push ourselves to the limit, stay positive and become focused. However, making impossible objectives is sure to set one up for failure. It’s exciting to project with hope for the future, but with the wrong energy or strategies we will only be left feeling despondent; and worse we may become discouraged to take on any challenges again. A good way to go about resolutions successfully is finding that balance between drive and also being gentle with yourself.

Here are a few tips of setting practical intentions for 2020:
  • Think more about the process and not the outcome
  • Match your goals with your confidence level
  • Remember it’s not mandatory; it’s just an intention
  • Ask yourself ‘why’ are you doing it in the first place
  • Chop goals into bite-sized portions - one step at a time
Keeping mindful of these things will aid you in your journey. There’s no rush. Life isn’t a race. Every day you keep active is one day you become better than you were the day before. What are your objectives for this year?
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