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Parts of a Sentence - Another Challenge

6 years ago

Parts of a Sentence

Every sentence has two parts. The subject is Who or What we are talking about and the predicate describes the action of the subject or tells us something about the subject.

The Challenge: 1. Read this Lesson! 2. Pay attention to how parts of speech are used in the "The bird" sentence example to more fully describe "The bird." and its actions. 3. Notice how I used the parts of speech to build the sentence from "Sing," to "Cheerfully flying across the summer sky, the flamingo birds sing in beautiful harmony, fleeting into the early morning sunshine." 4. Now, pay attention to the next sentence example "Beautiful." 5. Using the various parts of speech of your choice, correctly expand the sentence using as many words as you can.
The Reward: For the longest sentence with the fewest errors the reward is a Coupon good for One Free Hour of time with Mentor Josephan.

Other Teachers are welcome to make submissions (for examples) - with no hope of reward :)
Judging: Only student submissions will be judged. Teachers can comment on which submission they think is the winner, but the Ultimate decision will be made by the author. In the case of only one submission, that person is the winner. deadline for submissions is 2/23/2018
The bird.
This is not a complete sentence. It tells us there is a bird but it says nothing about the bird or what it does.

This is not a complete thought because it tells of an action “sings” but there is no subject of the action, we know nothing about who or what sings.

The bird sings.
This is a complete thought. We are told of the bird and that it sings. There is a subject and a predicate.

When words are put together and they contain a subject and a predicate it is called a clause.
A clause is a complete thought.
It tells you:
Who or what (the subject)
And it also tells you:
something about (the predicate).
So a clause will tell you who or what (the subject) you are talking about, and also tell you something about (the predicate) who or what you are talking about.

A group of words that contain a subject and a predicate is usually a complete thought and is called a simple sentence.

A simple sentence only has one clause. A simple sentence can be as short as one word or it can be very long:
Example: Sing!
Birds sing.
Birds sing beautifully.
Birds sing beautifully in the early morning
Cheerfully flying across the summer sky, the flamingo birds sing in beautiful harmony, fleeting into the early morning sunshine.

Here is the Challenge Word:
It’s beautiful.
(Ok, expand the sentence from here with as many words as you can!) Break a leg!

This Sentence Structure Lesson, is excerpted from my book, American English - Ready Set Go. These articles, written in simple easy to understand English, will give you a good foundation in understanding American English pronunciation.
So, stay tuned!
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