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People from Around the World

7 years ago

We are now living in a special moment in human history. Now, we have instant "face to face" intercontinental communication. One hundred years ago, or one thousand years ago, intercontinential communication was very difficult.
I already had a few great experiences meeting people from the other hemisphere of the world on Verbling. I am a new teacher here. Can we share our experiences?

I´ll start; I´m from the United States and I have had 2 students on Verbling. I liked exchanging information about the local events from where I am currently teaching English, in Colombia, and from where my students are from, Spain and Poland.

We also practiced speaking skills with grammar corrections, and we practiced that skill with international news. For example, it is interesting to see how the recent event in Las Vegas can impact countries like Colombia, Spain and Poland.

Anyways, any news?