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People idioms

6 years ago
Do you know these idioms? They're all about people. Some are quite funny!

1. A couch potato: someone who likes to lay on the couch watching tv, eating and generally doing nothing.

2. A fair weather friend: someone who is not a good friend. They like to say that they are your friend, but they won't be there for you when you actually need a friend.

3. A night owl: someone who likes to stay up late. I am definitely a night owl!

4. An early bird: someone who likes to wake up early (not me at all).

5. A jack of all trades, master of none: someone who can do many things but isn't that great at any of them.

6. A daredevil: someone who isn't afraid of much and will try crazy things.

7. A pain in the neck: someone who is super annoying.

8. A chatterbox: someone who doesn't stop talking.

Do any of these describe you? I definitely think that I'm an early bird and a chatterbox. Earlier today I was a couch potato. It's Sunday, though, which is my excuse ;)

Are there any other people-related idioms or phrases you can think of?