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Phrasal Verb Friday - For all English language learner Levels

5 years ago

I have an article coming soon which explains the four types of phrasal verbs. Until the article is published, and I can direct you to the link, let me explain what a three part phrasal verb is ...
A three part phrasal verb is a phrasal verb that has three parts, the verb, two parts of prepositions. These phrasal verbs are mostly used with an object in order to have meaning. These verbs are inseparable, in other words they object cannot separate the three parts of the phrasal verb.

So let's get some practice in .....
Write some sentences below using the phrasal verb. Try to write sentences in different tenses e.g. past simple or future 'will' aspect, or try to put the phrasal verb in a question. I will give you feedback and corrections on your practice. I look forward to seeing your practice.

Dee 😄